miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013


Me escucha.
No quiere hablar conmigo.
¿Habla en serio o no?

Siempre he querido saber lo que realmente piensa la gente.
Aprender a leer entre líneas. Reconocer las mentiras.

Siempre quise saber cuando un "Estoy bien" significa "Ayúdame".
Siempre quise saber que es lo que realmente siente la gente.

Porque creo que lo que aparentamos dista mucho de lo que realmente somos.

Conocer a alguien lleva mucho tiempo.
Aprender lo que significa cada tono de voz.
Saber lo que haría en una situación

Es difícil, pero cuando conectas con alguien de ese modo es... mágico.

Descubre un mundo dentro de alguien.

7 comentarios:

  1. So glad to know you, I hear you.

    I want to talk to you, but do not start the conversation (for pride) and that sounds like a joke but what we talked about many times, these things are true then masked with a laugh that was not taken seriously.

    Sincerely, someone.

    1. Dear someone,

      I understand your point of view, but i always thought pride is bad adviser.
      If you want to talk to me, I don't bite (at least, not to do harm)

      Sincerly, me.

    2. Dear Mir ..

      I understand what you say. rather not be in a suppository or lozenge course, we're already talking about (at least in my opinion).

      Sincerely, someone.

    3. Dear someone,

      I must confess... that i am not really an English teacher and in fact, don't speak or understand it well.
      And I don't understand you at all, perhaps because we could talk in our own language, but we don't.

      And... I also have pride ;)

    4. Dear Mir ...

      I recommend you leave pride aside, then, with pride, we will not go anywhere.

      Sincerely, someone.

    5. Dear someone,

      It is ironic that you say it, but I'll listen to you.

      Make it worthwhile.